OVIO® is a must for your large format advertisements.

Simple installation, high-tech design, ready to stand up
to every test …

Thanks to our long experience in communication using giant printed images, we have developed these structural supports which will undoubtedly win you over with their innovative features.

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Exceptional advertising, exceptional supporting structure…

Who said that a beautiful advertisement alone was enough?

Its effectiveness is indissolubly linked to its support. That is why it is crucial to choose the right support.

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It’s simple, it’s flexible,
it’s OVIO®

The new OVIO® stretched canvas system offers impressive flexibility and effectiveness.

Its designers have made it the advertising tool that is best adapted to large format advertisements.



May the force be with OVIO®

What good is a magnificent advertisement on a great supporting structure if it blows away in the second gust of wind?

Whether in wind, snow, rain or extremely hot weather, this system maintains its perfect shape.


Every day advertisements suffer… With OVIO®, your advertisements are never again going to experience this!

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