It’s simple, it’s flexible, it’s OVIO®...

The new OVIO® stretched canvas system offers impressive flexibility and effectiveness. Many years of thought and discussion by its designers have made it possible to design the advertising tool that is best adapted to large format advertisements.

Our innovation will make your life easier

Did you know that in Italian “ovio” means “obvious”? Thanks to a basic kit including a single profile section and a few assembly parts, setting up OVIO® structures is really easy. Your installation costs will be greatly reduced, especially since the number of fasteners is limited.

The system consists of a profile section and an OVIO® clip. The profile section defines the frame intended to receive the canvas, while the clip makes it possible to stretch it in the frame using a special key that is supplied to you.

Flexible, flexible…

  • Receive your OVIO® ready to mount or order a stock of profile sections that you can cut to measure to the centimetre.
  • The OVIO® structure can be mounted on a wall or on a footed pole.

Other irresistible advantages?

  • Save precious time when assembling.
  • Storage space and costs are significantly reduced.
  • If you choose to purchase the "Installation contractor" starting kit, as a bonus gift you will receive the axial circular saw, which will enable you to prepare your frames to the centimetre. Request a bid.

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