Choosing an OVIO® structure means giving your large format advertisements …

> A 'high-tech' design

Aesthetic and discreet, OVIO® is the ideal supporting structure to enhance visual advertisements. It gives them more space to express themselves, and provides them with a nice high-tech touch. To find out more >

> Installation that is 'so easy'

You’re not going to believe it ! You’ve never seen a stretched canvas system that is so high performance and so simple to install! Maximum effectiveness in a minimum amount of time, with a minimum of staff members and tools.
To find out more >

> 'Very strong' resistance

In glacial weather, in major winds, in a heat wave, you will always be able to count on OVIO®. The system was designed to stand up to extreme temperatures and environments (from - 35°C to + 80°C). Its rigid self-supporting structure further increases its resistance. To find out more >

… and other advantages!

When you choose an OVIO® stretched canvas system, you benefit from a solution profitable solution and a sure return on investment :

  • excellent quality/price ratio
  • reduced storage cost
  • savings in mounting time
  • fewer staff members and tools necessary
  • obvious competitive advantage …

With innovative OVIO® structures, experience a technological revolution similar to the transition from cathode ray television to the plasma screen!

It is time to give up clamps and rubber bands…

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